Information about Portugal

The main reasons for living or spending holidays in Portugal are:

The climate The beauty of the landscape The sea, the wonderful beaches Natural landscape The kindness of people

Low crime rate The low cost of living Cultural wealth The traditions

Gastronomy and its prestigious wines Golf Hikes And much more …

Don’t forget the affordable prices of real estate.

Imatico Portugal en general
Imatico Portugal en general
Imatico Portugal en general

The Algarve

The Algarve. Wherever you look, the color of the mountains and the sea is always there, like a watercolor dotted with touches of gold, green and blue. The region, huge and pleasant, benefits from a Mediterranean climate, imbued with the smell of the sea at low tide and the scent of wildflowers.

A stroll through the tangled web of narrow streets, alleys, and only footsteps away from the coast, is the best way to familiarize yourself with this part of region. But you can also easily get lost in the vastness of the coastal strip. Here, the backdrop hosts of some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, where you can admire the rocky coastline and its shadows on the sand.

After this enchanting landscape, you will discover the aromas and flavors of traditional Algarve cuisine. The menu may consist of fish and shellfish, with such dishes as caldeirada peixe (fish stew), the cataplana ameijoas (clams steamed in a copper pan) or, you might enjoy the traditional mountain cuisine with chickpeas and stewed cabbage. The range of choices will also include the famous regional sweets, such as figs, almonds, carob fruits and brandy, made from the local medronho (strawberry tree), distilled in the hills, in old copper stills.

Walking through the Algarve, among hills and plains, sheltering sites of great ecological interest, rich in biodiversity and ecosystems, you will get a sense of crossing a region, rich of different traditions, intact for centuries.

The craft is skillfully done by local craftsmen, using ancient and ancestral techniques and produce an excellent range of pottery, woven baskets, copper and brass items, or other items, made from linen and jute.

Only footsteps away from the peacefulness of this back-land region, lies the excitement of Algarve's nightlife. With bars, nightclubs, marinas and casinos, the party is guaranteed to visitors.

The architectural heritage of the region should not be forgotten. The architecture of the whitewashed houses, with their brightly colored castings and their superb fireplaces, the belfries of churches and the museums, all testify in their way of the ancestors of the Algarvian people and contribute to make of this country a very special destination.

We also recommend a wide range of outdoor activities, like playing golf on sumptuous courses, doing some exercises in some of the excellent facilities in the area, whether being on the coastline or high-up in the hills, where, after harsh winter or even before first signals of spring, the land is covered by a pinkish white coat, from the flowers of almonds scattered across the horizon.

Imatico Portugal Algarve
Imatico Portugal Algarve
Imatico Portugal Algarve

Sun, sand, sea and ... lot of relaxation.

Some of the most beautiful and welcoming beaches in the world are located in the Algarve. That's the reason, why thousands of tourists are coming into this region every year. It is a national heritage, enhanced by sustainable tourism and offering quality resorts, able to meet the various requirements of visitors.

There are beaches corresponding to everyone's wishes, most of which are recognized by the European seal of the Blue Flag. 200 km long, the Algarvian coastline is divided into creeks, cliffs, caves, rocky- and sandy shores of different types and sizes, surrounded by clean, warm and calm water. It makes it also difficult to resist to the pleasant climate, that extends throughout the year.

From Odeceixe to Vila Real de Santo António, the coastal belt enjoys of a micro climate with Mediterranean characteristics, with varying temperatures between 15 ° C in winter and 30 ° C in summer. This is the reason, why the beaches of Algarve are an ideal choice to live or spend refreshing holidays.

Algarve Soleil sable mer et beaucoup de relaxation
Algarve Soleil sable mer et beaucoup de relaxation
Algarve Soleil sable mer et beaucoup de relaxation

Award Winning Beaches

The Algarve hosts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world with fine sand and crystal clear water. It is a real natural treasure whose value has been enhanced by infrastructures that stand out for their quality, comfort and safety. With long stretches of coastline, the Algarve is looking for a balance between quality services for visitors and natural values, so that beaches can be fully appreciated.

Whatever your preferences, you will find beaches that meet your expectations and needs, as well as the demanding Blue Flag criteria set by the EU. Each year, a growing number of award-winning beaches display the Blue Flag. This ensures clean sanded beaches, high water quality, environmental management standards and safety.

To endorse the appellation Blue Flag, there is an additional classification for beaches, called "Gold Quality", which is awarded to seaside resorts that have met the Blue Flag requirements for five consecutive years, based on tests conducted by the Portuguese Coast and the Coastal Water Authority, in accordance with national and European directives. More and more, Algarvian resorts are getting into this award.

These are standards, making visitors confident in the beaches of the region throughout the year, due to constant application of these regulations, but also, due to the Algarvian investment in preservation of nature and protection of the environment.

Imatico Portugal Algarve des Plages Primées
Imatico Portugal Algarve des Plages Primées
Imatico Portugal Algarve des Plages Primées

Active beaches ..

Relaxation for those who may not stay in place.

With well-preserved features and rough seas, framed by ocher cliffs and promontories, where bushes and wildflowers grow, the Vicentine Coast is a delight for big game fishing, surfing and boogie board. Embedded in sumptuous landscapes, the vast beaches of the Algarve extend under high cliffs, framed by red-brick rocks and licked by blue waters.

These beaches as others, with equally rocky terrain, can be closely enjoyed during boat trips observing sandy and rocky strikes, cliffs of clay, caves and grottoes cut by the sea, as the explosive breaking power of the waves.

On the south-facing coast, with a calmer sea and wider beaches, you will easily find beaches equipped for diving, windsurfing, sailing, canoeing, water skiing, parasailing, jet skiing, kite surfing, speedboat trips, pedalo (Gaivotas) and inflatable "bananas". You will find these activities in Meia Praia, Praia da Luz (Luz beach), Faro (Faro Beach), and the Ilha de Tavira (Tavira Island).

Many activities are available and are just waiting to be discovered along the Algarvian coastline, ranging from action-packed water sports to peaceful boat trips.

Imatico Portugal Algarve plages actives
Imatico Portugal Algarve plages actives
Imatico Portugal Algarve plages actives


The paradise for golfers, all year long!

As one of the best golf destinations in Europe, the Algarve is nowadays considered as an elite spot by top professionals.

The layout of the courses, designed by internationally renowned golf course architects, and the beautiful landscapes in which they are located, meet the expectations of the toughest players, making the area a prestigious destination for golfers.

The favorable climate, with more than 300 sunshine days per year, extends the golf season over several months, attracting players from all over the world into the Algarve.

The excellence of the Algarvian offer is enhanced by the great diversity of its trees, vegetation, greens, tees and the surrounding silence, only disturbed by the sound of the perfect shot.

Imatico Portugal Algarve Gol
Imatico Portugal Algarve Gol
Imatico Portugal Algarve Gol

Sports and Adventure.

Endless entertainment

You don’t need to wait until summer, for coming into the Algarve and practicing sports and outdoor activities. Throughout the whole region and throughout the year, you can interact with the natural environment, indulging in sport, in the healthy and exhilarating atmosphere of the Algarve.

Whether on the beach, in the Barrocal , or in the picturesque mountains, the Algarve meets the ideal conditions to practice a variety of water, land and air based activities, whether purely for fun, adventure or really extremes.

Apart from generous geographical and climatic conditions, the Algarve is also fitted with the most diversified and modern infrastructure for outdoor activities. Thus, the entire region is now on the map, as the Portuguese sport destination.

Imatico Portugal Algarve Sport et Aventure
Imatico Portugal Algarve Sport et Aventure
Imatico Portugal Algarve Sport et Aventure

Porto and North.

Imatico Portugal Porto et Nord
Imatico Portugal Porto et Nord
Imatico Portugal Porto et Nord


Imatico Portugal Lisbonne
Imatico Portugal Lisbonne
Imatico Portugal Lisbonne

The center of Portugal.

The Alentejo.

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Useful addresses.

Embassy of the United States of America
v. das Forças Armadas 133C, 1600-081 Lisbon
217 273 300

British Embassy Lisbon
R. de São Bernardo 33, 1249-082 Lisbon
213 924 000

Embassy of France in Portugal.
R. Santos-O-Velho 5, 1249-079 Lisbon
Ambassador: : Jean-Michel Casa
213 939 292

Embassy of Belgium in Lisbon.
R. Castilho 75, 1250-068 Lisbon
213 170 510
Website in French
Website in dutch

Embassy of Canada.
Av. da Liberdade 196, 1250-096 Lisbon
213 164 600

Swiss Embassy in Lisbon.
Travessa do Jardim, no. 17 - 1350-185 Lisbon
213 944 090.
Ambassador: Mr Lorenzo Schnyder von Wartensee.

Embassy of Luxembourg in Lisbon.
R. das Janelas Verdes 43, 1200-690 Lisbon
213 931 940

Consulates in Algarve:

French Consulate
Rua Almirante Cândido dos Reis, 226
8800-318 Tavira
281 380 662

Consulate of Belgium:
Av. 5 de Outubro, 28, 1.º Esq.
8000-076 Faro
. 289 812 589

Consulate of Canada:
Rua Frei Lourenço Sta. Maria, 1, 1.º Frente 8001-901 Faro
. 289 803 757

Consulate of Morocco:
Vila Lageado, 19
Apartado 993
8200-908 Albufeira
289 587 960